Work. It’s can be awesome or it can be a nightmare, but one thing is for sure… we all need memes to make it through our day.

So let’s do this, yeah? You can take a break from your reality for a few minutes.

And away we go!

1. Focus… focus…

2. How could you?!?

3. Buh-bye!

4. #truth

5. Not a bad deal…

6. Yeah, this is real

7. Hello! I am employee!

8. Struggle. Real. Now.

9. Get out of there!!

10. Youth is wasted on the young…

11. LEAVE!

12. #goals

13. Hey hey hey!

14. Just go with it!

15. Math!

Alright, now back to work! You’ve had enough fun for one day!

But… if you have a great meme to share… do that in the comments!