It’s true that it’s hell getting old, but it’s also true that all of the aches, pains, droops, and grays are better than the alternative. Not everyone gets to age, gets to have more and more birthdays, so we should remember that, and be grateful.

That said, it’s not always pretty or easy, and if you’re not experiencing any of these aging tropes yet, well…people who are just ahead of you promise they’re coming.

16. I think it’s more that you stop caring about stuff that doesn’t matter.

15. One day you realize you’re too old to watch the Grammys.

14. Welcome to making a serious investment in mattresses and pillows.

13. You did not know anything in your 20s.

12. You’re going to need to up your recovery time.

11. Seriously, you’re going to want to join that gym now.

10. Old does not equal classic, my friends.

9. I’ve got a weird crick in my neck as I’m typing this.

8. Teenage you literally cannot imagine.

7. It honestly just doesn’t matter anymore.

6. Just start being grumpy now and save yourself some time.

5. You do face your own mortality more often.

4. And wasn’t that just a few years ago?

3. Not until the day we die.

2. And honestly this life is so much better.

1. Knees are just not built to last.

As someone who has now exited her 30s, I can confirm that what these people say is true.

But also that (almost) everything does get better with age.

Did these ring true for you? Are you dreading getting old? Embracing it? Confess in the comments!