Human beings are okay, I guess, but compared to dogs? Trash.

These 16 dogs are ready and waiting to make your day better, to put a smile on your face, and to remind you that we definitely don’t deserve their species as a whole.

16. Once burned, twice shy. I’m guessing that applies.

15. I cannot stop watching this.

14. Some dogs are just too smart for their own good.

13. Whoever laughed at this good girl in a bonnet has no soul.

12. All dogs need appropriate formal wear.

11. You’re not to be trusted alone, obviously.

10. I absolutely cannot with that face.

9. Nothing makes you feel more loved than a super excited doggo.

8. I’m pretty sure you’re getting played.

7. The dog definitely has a great sense of right and wrong.

6. That’s true friendship right there.

5. This dog belongs in a porch swing.

4. Clyde can wobble around me anytime.

3. I cannot write a good caption through my tears.

2. Such a cool video!

1. This very good dog just cannot with the idea he gets his own plate!

Just thank your lucky stars that dogs have decided to love us!

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