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I have some friends and family members who are total hypochondriacs. They always think they’re dying, they’re constantly on WebMD analyzing their symptoms, and they’re always preparing me and other people for the worst.

Annnnnnnd, they’re always fine and nothing ever happens to them. I guess that’s just the way it is with these people!

Here are 16 funny stories from these folks who are always convinced that something is wrong with them.

1. It’s the Jello.

2. Just let it out.

3. That is hilarious.

4. Needed that info.

5. Way too many Oreos.

6. You’ve been sleepwalking.

7. No motor skills.

8. Wasn’t “the big one”.

9. That explains it.

10. The culprit: an air freshener.

11. A serious issue.

12. Might’ve been Hershey’s.

13. Lay off the beets.

14. I’m seeing double!

15. Learned a lesson.

16. A good friend.

I have to admit, I do this sometimes myself, so I feel for these folks.

What about you? Are you a hypochondriac?

If so, tell us about some of your fears and stories in the comments! We’re here to listen!