If there’s one certainty to any relationship between men and women, it’s that there will be some communication issues that pop up here and there.

Sometimes it will be the men not understanding the women, other times the women will have no clue what the men are thinking about.

But in this article, we’re going to focus on what the guys would like the ladies to know…

The men of AskReddit offered up their opinions about this interesting topic.

1. A hug would be nice.

“Sometimes we could use a hug.”

2. We can be sensitive.

“We’re still a human so that’s mean We have feelings too

So please take care when choosing your words when you’re arguing with us.”

3. Meh…

“That emotional state of “meh”. You’re not great, you’re not terrible, just meh. Nothing is really wrong, you’re just not really feeling it.

For some reason, some folks interpret this as “pissed off”. They then continue to ask “Why are you so mad?” despite you answering against this. They keep doing asking until you actually get annoyed and angry.”

4. Let’s have a talk…

“I have to constantly explain to my wife why my 2 year old son is obsessed with his p*nis. I have to explain why he always wants to touch it and grab it when his diaper is off. She will never understand why our baby and his father share this habit.”

5. Not really discussing women.

“As much as were seen as s^x crazed pigs we talk so little about women when we get together for drinks or something like that…and when we do the topic doesent last long…literaly can’t even remember when was the last time me and my best bud talked about women, were both single too. Just usually talking about our old friends from school and what theyre doing, cars, our jobs, sport, or politics occasionally.”

6. We care, dammit!

“That just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I don’t care.

I’ve had women talk to me about guys losing their hair “ he’s a guy so he doesn’t care! “ I know a lot of guys who hate being bald or the fact that they are balding and their hair is thinning and hairline is receding! This idea that we don’t care or don’t care about our looks because we are a guy is ridiculous.”

7. Does this sum it all up?

“Too clean for the hamper, too dirty for the drawer, that’s why I put my cargo shorts on the floor.”

8. Not picking it up.

“A lot of us aren’t great at picking up hints.”

9. Can’t be 100% honest.

“We’d love to be able to share what is really on our minds (sexual and non-sexual and every topic and viewpoint under the sun,) except we’re afraid of the relationship consequences.”

10. Not a fan of this one.

“No, you do NOT have superpowers that give you the ability to read my mind! Hearing “You think….”, makes my skin crawl.”

11. Nice every once in a while…

“Most of us don’t get complimented so if you do give us one we’ll remember it forever.”

12. No idea what they’re up to.

“That we don’t know every detail about everyone else in my life. When I mention I hung out with someone my mom will ask my what their wife does for a living and can’t understand That It didn’t come up in conversation”

13. Don’t have to go there.

“Just because I’m attracted to you doesn’t mean I want to have s^x with you.”

14. Why did you bother asking?

“When you say “does this outfit look OK?” and we say “yes, you look stunning” and you reply “well, you WOULD say that”, half my brain thinks “please believe me because you do look stunning” and the other half thinks “wtf did you ask me for if you aren’t going to believe me?”.”

15. It is what it is.

“My words don’t have some secret meaning behind it. If I say X, I mean X, not some random thing or insult you come up with.”

16. Doesn’t always have to be masculine.

“Might not be the hardest, but explaining that men are generally fine helping with non-manly tasks.

There’s this stereotype that men who join a girl to do girly things (or even mundane things like grocery shopping) are bored and only doing it to appease the girl. That’s usually incorrect.

Ask me to go dress shopping with you? My sense of style might be barbaric, but we will make you look amazing.

Take a spa day? I’ve never felt so clean and high-quality in my life.”

As a man, I agree with quite a few of these responses.

What do you think? Are these on the money or way off base?

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