Even if you haven’t watched Netflix’s completely bizarre, train wreck documentary following Joe Exotic, aka Tiger King, chances are you’ve heard about it.

Because literally everyone is talking about it online. Everyone. Even the people who aren’t going to watch it because it’s not their thing are telling us how it’s not their thing.

So there are tons and tons of hilarious tweets about the show, and all of them make us laugh – but these 16 are the cream that rises to the top of a very deep pool.

16. He looks like a loaf of Wonder Bread.

15. That’s literally all the longer it takes.

14. Actual footage.

13. My husband and I had to keep rewinding it to make sure we heard right.

12. My exact words.

11. It is the best of his songs, and no, that’s not saying much.

10. A box of hair dye is all he needs.

9. I mean. He does live in Oklahoma.

8. She definitely knows.


7. That’s an understatement.

6. I mean. It’s not the worst thing about him, that’s for sure.

5. It was definitely a timely distraction, I’ll give you that.

4. Our collective fear at the moment.


3. And also all of the times he randomly dressed as a priest?

2. Of the decade, really.


1. Spoiler Alert: it’s all of them.

I watched all seven episodes even though I honestly really didn’t want to. I just couldn’t look away.

Have you seen it? Are you obsessed with the fallout? We can treat the comments like a support group if you need!