Drunk people have a tendency to talk – a lot – even if they shouldn’t, and even if the others around them really, really don’t want to hear what they’re blabbing about.

For that reason, confessions – said and heard – are about as common as you’d think.

And as these 16 people can tell you, sometimes you just can’t forget what you hear.

16. I have so many questions.

I have a friend who’s grandmother married her late husbands friend.

One day while drunk he confessed to killing her first husband.

She packed up the kids and left.

15. She definitely needs to dump that guy.

My sister’s boyfriend at the time told me he thought he might have fallen for the wrong sister.

Doesn’t compare to most of these, but my sister is my best friend, and I was so scared he might ruin that.

14. You probably definitely don’t want to know.

Had a buddy tell me his friend drunkenly confessed to him that he had killed his step-dad and made it look like a suicide. His step dad had been abusive towards him and his mom for years and it finally broke when he made it look like his stepfather had hung himself in their garage. I don’t know who the friend was, I was never given a name or much else of the story.

13. You really never know what has made a person who they are.

Went on a work do and my co worker, a major stone faced bland woman, got pretty drunk. Ended up telling me she discovered her dads body when he hung himself.

Needless to say I realised why she was the way she was after that.

12. Why do so many people think this way?

Night before his wedding day.

“I’m still in love with C____ but I’m still gunna marry F____ tomorrow because it’s too late now”

11. Imagine hearing two of these stories in your lifetime.

I have two:

I had a house mate in college, who several years prior, had accidentally shot and killed a friend of his in a hunting accident. He went to trial, and was acquitted of all charges. Years later, he didn’t tell me, but he told a woman I was intimate with, that it wasn’t an accident.

Years ago, when I worked at the Las Vegas Hilton, in the main kitchen. I had a very high strung-boss named Hussein. He was from Turkey. We jokingly referred to him as Insane, because of his personality. Once, after our shift was over, he grabbed a case of beer from the supply walk in refrigerator, and invited a few of us to help ourselves. He probably had 4 or 5 himself. He then proceeded to tell us that when he lived in Turkey, he had “ kicked some guys ass” and came to the US to get away. My co-workers and I really didn’t give it too much thought. About a month later, we came to find out that while on vacation in Mexico, Hussein had been walking back to his hotel room after drinking at a bar. He had ducked down an alley to take a piss, and was caught by a policeman. He was charged and convicted of public urination. At least at the time, the US didn’t have reciprocity with Turkey, but Mexico did. Well, it turns out that what Hussein had described as kicking someone’s ass, turned out to be murder. He was taken back to Turkey, where we assume that he spent the rest of his life in a Turkish prison. The movie The Midnight Express portrays what life is like there.

10. I hope he got the help he needed.

once at a college party, this big guy got upset, picked up the table and threw it across the room, shouting “my uncle molested me”. everyone was terrified but we all felt really bad for the guy.

9. That is horrible.

I had a male friend tell me he had raped me once when I was passed out drunk, I’m a straight male and had been friends with this guy for 15 years and had been drunk with him alot.

Since then I have found out alot of messed up stuff about him.

8. I can’t decide which part of this story is the worst. Not that it matters.

My ex told me that he had been molested by his sister between the ages of 6-11. She was 9-14.

His dad walked in once and didn’t do anything.

His own family knew that he was being sexually abused for years and did absolutely nothing to protect him.

7. That’s…pretty terrible.

“If my ex were still in love with me I wouldn’t be married to you.”

6. How do you act normal after that?

A coworker told me she went all Angel of Mercy and smothered her elderly, dementia ridden, grandmother while she was sleeping.

The next Monday in the office was definitely a weird one after that particular happy hour confession.

5. This is a CRAZY story!

I got drunk and confessed my own story. When I was 18, I was sexually assaulted on a bridge in the middle of the night when I was all alone. My mum works in hearing, and she had always told me to bite someone if I got into trouble. So I did; I bit into his neck until my teeth met again. He fell down then I ran all the way home.

A few weeks later I read in the news that a serial assaulter had gone to the hospital with neck wounds and later died. They’d drawn it down to him attacking someone and them acting in self defense.

I never told anyone until I got really drunk with my boyfriend last year and spilled it. He couldn’t believe I’d kept that secret.

4. How could you ever trust anyone again?

A friend of mine died from a drug overdose. After the funeral a mutual friend of ours and I were getting drunk when he broke down crying. He asked me if I remembered the time when he and our dead friend told me about an accident that they’d witnessed where they saw a truck driver die. I told him I did. He then told me the most f*cked up sh^t. He said that our friend ran up to the dying man and stole his wedding ring, and that the man couldn’t do anything but look up, terrified, at our friend as he was being robbed.

I knew they were bad into drugs but I never thought they could do anything like that. I grew up with them, they were like my brothers. I don’t really trust anyone completely anymore.

3. Tough way to learn that lesson.

I heard my mom tell her friend I was a mistake and the reason her and my dad divorced. That’s why you don’t eavesdrop.

2. Well that’s a story you never forget.

At a family gathering my grandma got tipsy and started to tell stories from her childhood. While she does this everytime (no matter tipsy or sober, guess it’s just a normal grandma thing) this time it took a dark turn. She told us a story that is the reason she hates to go to the dentist and particularly hates the drilling part.

She told us a story about when she was 6 years old. During WW II my family lived in Hamburg, Germany right next to the harbor. During a particular week in 1943 the city was continuously bombed and over 35.000 people died and more than a 100.000 people were injured. The houses that were hit, mostly burned down creating a huge fire, with such force that I sucked not only oxygen in, creating strong winds, but also people. The fire created such heat, that people running out of their burning houses got stuck in the molten asphalt on the streets and burned to death. As it was all happening around her, that particular smell was present for over a week in her part of the city. Drilling in your tooth, creates exactly that smell. My grandma had to stop the dentist, as she recognized the smell immediately.

This story shook us to the core, as it came out of the blue. It still sends chills down my spine.

1. This is just so sad though.

I worked in a hospital and an alc*holic guy I knew from around my town came in. Of course he was very drunk so he got a bed (he was homeless at this point).

Just as he was starting to settle he screamed “I slit his f*cking throat!!”.

So I went up to him and asked him to settle and he started telling me that he did it while In the army and could never forgive himself for it. Cried himself to sleep and died in the local park a few months later.

I do not know what I would do if I had been on the receiving end of any of these!

Has a friend ever confessed anything horrible while drunk? Have you? We want to hear the story in the comments!