If you know how to use language correctly, you have a ton of weapons in your arsenal to help you communicate effectively.

If you need some help here and there, well, your message could thrown a little off track.

Communication is key, and these 16 people learned the hard way that you really want to be careful where you stick your quotes.

16. I feel like these might actually be used accurately.

Rightfully suspicious quotes
byu/Pedro95 insuspiciousquotes

15. Do we call the cops, or….?

Yours? 🤔 hmmmmm
by insuspiciousquotes

14. I feel like a sign is pretty much unnecessary anyway.

Of course! I mean, what else would you even put in there.
byu/dj-milk-problems insuspiciousquotes

13. That smiles says this was a legit error.

Mom,,,, are u proud or not??
by insuspiciousquotes

12. No one is buying what he’s selling.

A what now
byu/Mercsidian insuspiciousquotes

11. That winky face just seals the deal.

by insuspiciousquotes

10. She definitely meant to do that.

I also “love” my job
byu/TheJarOfJam insuspiciousquotes

9. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

“Nothing” in car
byu/bobbysteel insuspiciousquotes

8. I have no idea what any of this means.

Hate it when you accidently salmon.
by inCasualUK

7. I’m not exactly sure what this means but I want to be friends with these people.

“If” you catch my drift.
byu/Bbop1999 insuspiciousquotes

6. No one who teaches the flute shall reply.

Uh, what kinda teacher again?
byu/oldskewlphilosphy insuspiciousquotes

5. Yeah, so does that clown in the sewer.

I always buy my “candy” at my local bowling alley
byu/mobuco inUnnecessaryQuotes

4. Am I getting glasses or “glasses” when this is all over?

byu/houtaroo insuspiciousquotes

3. Those quote were not an accident.

when looking up what mcnuggets are made of…
byu/_pineapple_sauce_ insuspiciousquotes

2. Go ahead and fudge your resume.

Mechanic Wanted
byu/ItsBohanJones insuspiciousquotes

1. Only if she wants to be responsible for your kidnapping and eventual death.

Stop Mom! Free “FACE PAINTING”!
byu/CompuChip inUnnecessaryQuotes

These are killing me, y’all. Quotation marks don’t seem that hard to me!

Do you struggle with quotation marks? Would any of these images give you pause?

Share why and which ones in the comments!