Okay, quick caveat – funny, happy drunk people who aren’t behind the wheels of cars are the best. Anyone who gets drunk and mean, drunk and violent, or drunk and drives a car is not the best people. Full stop.

These 16 people are drunk and sweetly hilarious, though, so let’s all take a moment and salute them for doing the lord’s work, shall we?

16. You know what, this makes me smile.

Image Credit: Twitter

15. The only acceptable reason to puke in an Uber.

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14. This just made me laugh waaaaay too hard.

Very drunk I guess from Badfaketexts

13. Good lookin’ out, pooch! You a best friend.

12. That’s what we’d all like to know, ya know?

Image Credit: me.me

11. In some universe, I guess. Not this one, though.

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10. When you know he’s the one.

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9. That’s gonna make a mess.

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8. Someone’s not getting a birthday present.

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7. I mean. She’s not wrong.

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6. I truly wish there was video of this.

5. The girl who cried wolf.

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4. I wonder who won.

3. Someone in the kitchen was cracking up.

2. You can’t even get credit for your favor!

Omg so drunk… from Badfaketexts

1. Who doesn’t love cheese?

Friends don’t let friends pack their lunch drunk from facebookwins

I’m missing college right about now, how about you?

Do you have a favorite “drunk friend” story? I’m betting you do – and we would love to hear it!