You can craft the perfect post, but one you put it out there for other people, there’s no controlling – or guessing – where it might end up.

Here are 16 perfect examples of what happens when others take a train of thought and just run with it, even if the directions are completely unexpected.

They’re still kind of wonderful.

16. Try not to get dizzy.

15. I mean he could have been clearer.

14. We just have a lot of questions.

13. I just kept waiting for someone to come and make sense of it all.

12. People are a lot to deal with some days.

11. What were we talking about again?

10. It’s hilarious that this clarification is even necessary.

9. Yeah I’m not sure this is advice that can be applied across the board.

8. They’ve got my vote.

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7. Threats will get you nowhere.

6. There’s more than one confused person here.

5. I don’t think penguins have the wing dexterity to make that happen.

4. This is how you get teenagers to pay attention in math class.

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It’s getting good…

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Makes perfect sense!

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3. Adorable.

2. May he rest in peace.

1. Never leave any witnesses.

I could never be a collaborative artist. That sounds absolutely, positively exhausting. Ugh.

How about you? Which one of these posts did you relate to the most?

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