You remember those halycon days of yesteryear? You were a tween (or teen) and everything just made perfect sense! It was the mid-2000s and life was awesome! The internet was actually kind of fast finally, TV looked better than ever and companies sent you DVDs in the mail! Oh, and you also had no bills and really had no responsibilities.

Can’t we time travel to back then and just stay there forever?

No? Okay, we’ll just have to settle for these tweets.

16. What is reading?!?

15. Curls get the gurls…

14. This is so specific, but I feel like so many people did it!

13. Yeah, this is super “old”…

12. “Just be quiet Sharon! We don’t want the Tiffanys to know!”

11. Ahhh, to be 6 again…

10. Why do you let them do it today?

9. Come on, we’re all emo! Right franges!

8. So middle

7. My memories are proof of your shame. Always remember that.

6. He cared.

5. What am I supposed to do with these people?!

4. Oh yes. This was a thing we all did. ALL of us.

3. Okay, but The Cat In the Hat was particularly weird.

2. O_O

1. The coolest song of your youth.

See! That was like a teleportation back to the best years of your life.

You’re welcome!