College sure was a hoot, wasn’t it? Thousands of kids letting loose away from their parents and families, losing their minds…and occasionally going to class, too.

Oh, that’s right, you’re there to get an education, remember?

Here are some very funny tweets about the realities of going to college, as opposed to high school.

Let’s party!

1. A bit of a difference.

Seems a little bit looser, right?

2. No middle ground.

I’d rather have the over sharer.

3. They’re lying to the kids!

I like mashed potatoes.

4. See what they did there?

Still got the politics in!

5. Don’t make them read too much.

Be brief, please. kthxbai.

6. Better get it together!

This is SO true.

7. Just take your time with it.

Thanks Justin! You rock!

8. Not the case at all.

But if it were… oh boy

9. See you later.

“Gotta go get a beer!”

10. It was determined that was a lie!

I mean, when you don’t want to come…

11. No clue who your son is…

This would be hilarious.

12. Mixed emotions.

I mean… they really don’t care.

13. Funny how that works out.

Maybe it’s all the partying?

14. Wayyyyyy different.

Again… partying!

15. I’m making all Cs!

Hey, nobody will ever care when I apply for a job.

16. Getting a little more serious.

Or possibly, a lot more serious? I’m not sure yet. We’ll see soon.

Well, those brought back some wonderful memories from my past.

How about you? Do you remember your college days?

Were you wild? Maybe a bookworm?

Tell us about it in the comments!