Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togewer today.

Let’s talk about how hard and how wonderful, how fun and how maddening, how rewarding and how insane it is to agree to live every day with another human being for the rest of you life.

Hard to sum up in a tweet, I know, but these 17 people sure do give it their best shot.

17. I prefer the “change it whenever you walk by and see HE changed it” method.

16. It’s a high-stress environment.

15. Hint: it’s because he’s not listening.

14. I feel personally attacked by this tweet.

13. I mean honestly it’s probably not worth fighting about at that point.

12. You should know where the spoons go by now. You idiot.

11. Mistakes have been made by all parties.

10. He should really know not to get between you and future you like that.

9. Why would I wake him up?

8. Sweaty palms and everything.

7. Yep. You’re going to need backup.

6. It’s important to be able to have honest discussions.

5. I don’t hate this idea.

4. Sleep is so underrated by the young and child free.

3. Why do we do this?!

2. Husbands have no halfway.

1. He thought he was being smart but he messed up.

I’m impressed (and tickled) about how spot-on these thoughts are!

Are you married? Have you been? How would you sum up the experience in 280 characters or less?