Marriage is many things, and no matter how great yours is on a daily basis, one of them will always be hard.

An easy, fun way to keep things light when they want to go dark is to keep a sense of humor – and these 17 tweets will not only make you laugh, but they just might make you feel less alone in your troubles, too.

And that’s never a bad thing.

17. I mean not THE worst, but it’s up there.

16. Isn’t this just understood?

15. You’ve gotta bring home snacks for everyone.

14. It’s in the fine print.

13. Maybe just back away slowly.

12. It’s a lesson you learn on your own, and fast.

11. Sometimes little white lies are best.

10. Just enjoy it and move on.

9. I feel like there was planning involved.

8. Big houses are overrated.

7. Live and learn?

6. No one can argue with this.

5. It wasn’t me.

4. You probably don’t want to point this out.

3. There should be an app for that.

2. Why are they like this?!

1. And still expects praise.

I’m off to share some of these with my spouse, because we need it today!

What’s your favorite way to alleviate stress in your marriage? Share it with us!