You know what this post is going to do? It’s going to make you feel less alone. Because if you do crazy sh^t, there’s a 100% chance that other people do the same thing.

Folks, we ARE NOT alone. And there just aren’t that many things to actually do.

Because I scrolled through these and nodded my head to preeeeettttty much every single one.

1. Ugh… same!

2. This is why dishwashers were invented…

3. That ceiling DOES look dusty…

4. Oh, what a lovely thought!

5. I don’t wear underwear, so…

6. Because that’s life!

7. God. The absolute worst.

8. Wait… what time is it? Dumb o’clock?

9. Hahaha… truth!

10. Why don’t we do this ALL THE TIME?!

11. This works, though!

12. One more milk day… is a good day.

13. What did I just DO?!

14. Well, that’s dads for ya!

15. Pretty much…

16. This is every single day

17. Works every time.

It’s kind of nice to know we’re all nuts, isn’t it?

What did you think? See yourself in any of these? Let us know in the comments!