If you’re a person of a certain age, there’s a good chance there are romantic relationships in your past. We have all sorts of exes – normal(ish) ones, boring ones, ones we might regret, ones that got away – but it takes a special kind of ex to get labeled “the crazy one.”

If you’re up for a laugh at someone else’s expense, here are the stories of how 15 exes became the “crazy exes.”

15. Not only is he crazy, he’s also not very smart.

When he called the police to tell them I was “receiving drugs through the mail slot in my front door” then parked in front of my house after HE put drugs through my mail slot.

When the police arrived to talk to me my neighbor told them they had seen him do it and that he was still sitting in his car on the street watching. He was then arrested and charged with Possession, distribution, and violating a trespassing & restraining order.

14. What a forking weirdo.

He put a tracking app on my phone, put cameras in our house and would refuse to go to events with me but then show up and sit outside in his car watching me.

13. Your run-of-the-mill crazy.

Oh just the usual: Stalking and threatening suicide over the phone.

12. Sounds like they were both crazy…about each other.

She flatly informed me during that she had been planning to cheat on me with my best friend.

And then she succeeded and I lost my best friend, and eventually she cheated on him and called me asking to make up. Like what?

11. He would drink what now?

Oh so many things… standard abusive relationship stuff but the thing that’s most shocking to people is after I broke up with him he called me constantly and threatened suicide if I didn’t talk to him and he would cut himself and drink his own blood while on the phone with me.

10. That’s less crazy and more “should be in jail.”

She intentionally ran me over with her car.

9. Oh, the drama!

he sent messages about what an awful person i am to all my friends and to my mother. the one to my mom also included a suicide note. he also sent me a picture of him setting fire to a stuffed animal that was supposed to symbolize our happy years

8. That is QUITE the tale.

She vanished.

So I was like “wow okay guess we are broke up” and one night about 5 months later she showed up at apartment whole I was at work and started kicking the door saying she’s sorry and she loved me, and I was a f*ggot, and an asshole and that she missed me so much she wanted to die. Like… All over the place. My upstairs neighbor took a video, then called the police.

We dated casually for like… 3 months.

Turns out she left because she met a man at a bar and immediately fell in love. They ran away to new york city, got married, and did so many drugs. Like…. Reckless bender. She had an OD and then a Revelation in the hospital. Immediately came home and I guess expected me to be waiting anxiously for her.

I wasn’t heartbroken, just confused.

I never saw her until after she had gone through a full rehab course and completely excused herself from her old life. She told me a very watered-down version of how things went. I knew from my neighbor the truth, it was very embarrassing for her and I didn’t let her know that I knew the reality. She’s recovering well though. Poor thing.

7. Step away from the dogs, sir.

I had an ex who did something similar. Minus the suicide note. When i broke up with him (we were living together) he would harass me, constantly tell me how much he wanted to fuck my sister and how ugly i was. And then he’d text my sister and be all buddy buddy and kind and make me seem like the villain. I begged my sister to stop talking to him and then he pushed it too far saying he was going to hang out with her and i told my sister everything he said to me about her and she was so disgusted and immediately stopped everything.

My sister is very kind and was just trying to be nice to him since i was the one who ended things.

He was not a nice man. Also threatened to kill my dogs at one point. Very terrifying.

6. This is insane!

I got ghosted once years ago by a girl I was just casually seeing for I dunno, 5 weeks? We’d been on like 3 dates after meeting in a bar. Weird feeling, because everything seemed to be going well, and then poof she was gone. This was back before the days of Facebook and we hadn’t like met friends or done more than exchange numbers, so I had nobody to contact or anything really. Your post reminded me of it because yeah, what can you do except go “lol well I guess that is over”.

In my case it turns out she got hit by a car when she went home for spring break and died like a week later. I didn’t find out for 3 months or so, and by then I had of course fully moved on with my life. I kept thinking I should feel worse? But then we hardly knew each other and I had been operating under the assumption that I had been ditched and was out there trying to meet people and whatnot again. It’s weird, like having your past come whipping around and hit you in the head.

5. When even your therapist tells you to GTFO.

She was verbally, emotionally, financially and (eventually) physically abusive. She used to threaten to call the police and say I raped her or to get me deported (before I was a citizen).

Went to counseling because she insisted the problems were all on my side and after two sessions the counselor called me privately and told me to get out ASAP

4. Nobody steals pizza and gets away with it.

Broke into my house, stole my dad’s phone, and wrote a letter on the back of my door in sharpie: “I love you RockArmMan and I always will. Love Jessica.” At least the note made it easy for the cops.

Oh and she ate my fucking pizza.

3. Not just him but his friends, too.

After telling him I wanted nothing to do with his drama, he got some of his friends to text & call me nonstop for nearly a full week. Apparently if I responded they were to convince me I was the dramatic one.

He and his friends also would pop in randomly to my place of work after that, leaving bs complaints with management (half the time they’d be ignored b/c they’d make a complaint without making sure I worked that day tho lol). Was pretty uncomfortable that these LGBT+-activist folks basically forced me to out myself at work to explain to my bosses what was going on.

Took a new phone number, new apartment, and new job to finally shake him off my back.

2. People just have SO much gall.

Wanted me to start a poly relationship with him and the gal he cheated on me with after I initiated the divorce.

Got raging drunk when he thought she was cheating on him and tried to leave her place with our kids in the car (how I learned to appreciate the gf….she stopped him and called me).

Told my first post divorce bf a whopper of a tale about why our marriage ended with me being portrayed as the one who cheated on him with another couple.

1. Thelma and Louise up in here.

She grabbed the steering wheel while we were driving down the highway

I’m dying, and I’m hoping I’m not someone’s “crazy ex” (though I might be!).

Do you have a crazy ex? What makes them crazy? Tell us the story in the comments!