Some people love browsing and shopping in thrift stores, and other people are…totally missing out.

Not only can you score some great deals, find original pieces, and nab little pieces of history that other people have decided to give away, you can also find some really interesting stuff among the heaps of mostly cr*p.

These 17 people found some cool things, and they’re sharing pictures with you, so take note!

17. Talk about fate!

16. A bed for kitty is always a good find.

15. This is seriously cool.

14. It’s a tiny couch for dogs. A TINY COUCH FOR DOGS.

13. People just don’t keep records like they used to.

12. This looks like it came straight out of Alice in Wonderland and I need it immediately.

11. That’s a feature wall if I’ve ever seen one.

10. It looks like it belongs on a carnival ride.

9. Salt and pepper shakers that – wait for it – come with their own hatstand.

8. It’s like it was made for you.

7. He’s definitely a fun-gi.

6. Talk about a patronus.

5. She can totally pull this off, and is PRIDE ready.

4. Someone’s imagination could not be confined.

3. Well, that’s just terrifying.

2. That side-eye, though.

1. I honestly love this.

I’ve got to make it to more thrift stores, garage sales, et al – how about you?

What’s the best or coolest item you’ve found secondhand?

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