Hey kids! Do you like to sleep? Then have I got a post for you!

Some of us knew the magic of multiple, heavy blankets, but then some genius decided that they would just make ONE blanket heavy and sell it for a lot of money. And this is why we’re not rich. Because we can’t think big.

So now weighted blankets are a thing and the internet is in serious lurv with them.

Do you need one? After this, you might…

1. Gurl…. same!

2. Okay, let’s wrap it up!

3. And yeah, society shuns this sort of thing so… weighted blanket

4. This is what we’re saying! This is the whole point of this post!

5. Just do it a thousand times in one day and you’ll be good

6. Sounds legit. Do not disturb.

7. That’s going to be a strange year tho…

8. I love that these people think they’re gonna get in shape. Cute.

9. Seventy-five

10. Bitchin’

11a. This one… it gets better…

11b. Wakanda forever!

11c. Now that’s a dream!

11d. Work it!

11e. Maybe it is, tho…

11f. Tweet sleep…

12. That’s not how it works!!

13. How about both?

14. Stack those priorities up appropriately…

15. I enjoy your specificity. More pls. Thx.

16. Hacking the system!

17. And, of course, Lena Dunham has way too much to say and we’re already bored.

Good night!