You have to know when to deliver a well-timed pun or the perfect joke – timing is everything, after all. But if you’re funny bone goes a bit too far, well, don’t be surprised if your friends block your number (or at least threaten to).

Don’t believe me? Just as these 17 people who paid the price for making their friends roll their eyes (and probably chuckle a bit, too, if they’re being honest).

17. Think of the children!

16. Methinks someone indulged in something other than ravioli.

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15. Or at least, he THOUGHT he was alone outside at night…

14. It is, however, a fairly accurate description.

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13. The emojis really make the whole thing.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) from GoodFakeTexts

12. I mean how can you resist?

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11. Pictures of fish are where this guy draws the line.

damn that’s deep from GoodFakeTexts

10. Seriously, that’s enough.

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9. Okay but honestly that’s not a bad joke.

Image Credit: Good Bad Jokes

8. Poetic kismet right there.

Not necessarily F*ke but i felt this is the best sub to put it from GoodFakeTexts

7. Yeah you gotta cut that out.

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6. That’s it. You’re cut off.

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5. That’s a deep thought right there.

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4. I’m going to bet he didn’t stop.

Bro from GoodFakeTexts

3. Don’t be afraid of the truth.

Horseshoe from GoodFakeTexts

2. I guess she sees it as a reason to party?

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1. Art waits for no man. Or kids.

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I mean…I kind of want to be friends with these people.

Do you love a good pun? Would you cut these people off?

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