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Twitter user Brayden Bauer had a question. Why do people hold onto those photo gems and never delete them?

Here’s his…

And the Twittersphere obliged…

1. Perfection!

2. Spongey

3. Hi grandma!

4. They said I could be anything…

5. With a baseball bat!

6. It wants more money…


8. Nailed it!

9. What is going on here?!

10. True love!

11. What myself thinks of me

12. You’ve got the job kid!

13. Good measurement!

14. Somebody wasn’t happy to find this!

15. Just don’t do it…ever…

16. OMFG!

17. Perfection!

Okay, I do think we know why these photos will never get deleted.

Because they’re god damned perfection!