But I mean…do men always have to find something funny in order for women to enjoy it anyway?

I say not, and there are plenty of comedians out there doing period and pregnancy jokes to back me up on that.

So if you have a uterus (or feel as though you should have been), these 17 posts are more likely to give you a giggle.

17. I mean you always deserve a mani-pedi.

16. I mean, maybe not THAT confident, but sure.

15. The best years of your life is when you no longer care.

14. At least you’re NOT that child, though, right?

13. That was enough self-restraint for one day.

12. It’s important to know your pitfalls.

11. “You look good,” your mirror lies.

10. It’s kind of a compliment, if you squint?

9. Supporting other women is the only way to live.

8. Let me help with my change, okay?

7. It’s the right advice 99.9% of the time.

6. What even is the point if it’s not going to make you sweat?

5. It’s the way of our brave new world.

4. Congrats, you’ve fooled him!

3. That’s one way to flush out your real friends.

2. It’s called having more money than you know what to do with, I think.

1. Every single day.

I’m a woman, and I’ve gotta say, these were pretty awesome and funny.

Are you a man who found these funny? Tell me how wrong I was in the comments!