Glee may have gone of the air years ago, but people still need to talk about it sometimes – and new viewers need somewhere to go when they’re discovering its quirks for the first time.

Tumblr is that place, because people are ready and willing to ride the highs and lows with you, no matter when you’re joining the party.

17. The show had no shortage of awkward.

16. What does that really mean, though?

15. It’s a complicated relationship.

14. A summary in 6 GIFs.

13. I will accept this mantle and wear it with pride.

12. The short answer is yes.

11. Well, yeah. Its viewers definitely weren’t quitters.

10. So say we all.

9. Like no one can talk cr*p on your family except you.

8. I really hope that you’re kidding, though.

7. Jane Lynch is never wrong.

6. This person has a whole lot of feelings.

5. We’re still dealing with it, honestly.

4. It was like living in an alternate reality for a minute.

3. No one can get over this scene, to be honest.

2. If you want to get technical about it.

1. Systemic abuse at the hands of Ryan Murphy.

I have to admit I gave up before the finale, but these posts make me wonder whether I should go back and revisit!

Do you watch? Do you want to? Now you know where to go to discuss if you do!