Any of you married? Yeah you are…

Remember those crazy, love drunk early years of marriage? When you were sure your marriage would be one weird, fun, cute AF ride through life?

Yeah, that didn’t last long. Because reality sets in and we just want to eat cheese and go to sleep early.

1. They’re a keeper!

2. Pro tip!

3. This doesn’t stop…

4. Well… yeah! You didn’t know that already?!

5. How romantic!

6. Please… close your mouth you f*cking cow!

7. Yeah. I do too. Don’t judge me!

8. Time to get a CPAP machine!

9. Can’t we have TWO sets of furniture?

10. Two versions of the truth…

11. This is gonna be a short marriage…

12. No, not there! Over there!

13. Get up Kate!

14. I just want to sleep and sleep.

15. Oversharing on Facebook = love… right?

16. **SLURP**

17. “This is an important part!”

You know it’s true. It’s all true!

And that’s why you’re still in love… awwwww!