Animal pictures, facts, and stories literally never get old – and if you thought that was true before the internet, well, now you can enjoy pictures, facts, and funny tales of all the animals in the world, not just the ones you know personally.

And these 14 tweets are just about guaranteed to make you smile.

Because animals are awesome and you should love every single one of them.

Alright kids, here we go!

14. An excellent use of the Baby Yoda meme.

13. Definitely a 5-star review, then.

12. She seriously looks so happy.

11. He’s old and he goes where he wants.

10. A nice blanket really improves any nap.

9. What a handsome boi.

8. All beds are obviously her beds.

7. What even is that carrier omg.

6. Everyone just wants a spot at the table.

5. Because why would you take a picture that wasn’t of him?

4. This is one magical video.

3. He’s also about to pounce on you fyi.

2. This is so extra and I approve.

1. My cat definitely used to knock things off the counter for my dog.

I need to own more animals immediately. Where can I get them all right now? Can I get a package deal? Am I turning into Noah? Do I need an ark?!?


What’s the best pet you’ve ever owned? Are you a dog or a cat person? A bird person? Maybe you enjoy ducks? No judgements.

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