You look like you could use some truth in your life, and these tweets are here to give it to you.

Check out our list of the 18 most accurate tweets that have ever graced our screens.

1. Oh no, is this what we sound like?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @eilidhwill

2. Where’d all the time go?

3. Yummm.

4. That seems fair, right?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @kamilumin

5. Hm.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @adamkotsko

6. They live boldly.

7. Get off Tinder and install the Cartwheel app.

8. Where did you come from?

9. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

10. Me, every year.

11. Just trying to be historically accurate.

12. Wait, that’s not shopping?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @abblucia

13. It’s true.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @pupperonis

14. The magic words.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @adamhess1

15. It can only get better from here.

16. How do they know?

17. I’m pretty much home all the time already.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @robfee

18. Unfortunately true.

True dat.