Language can be hard thing to tackle. It’s way too formal sometimes, there are a lot of rules, and let’s face it, most of us spend more time composing tweets than research papers.

So when we do something wrong (on purpose or by happy accident) it’s important to be able to laugh about it…because the alternative is just too sad.

These 18 quotation mark misuses are here to make you giggle, if you’ll let them.

18. I bet someone put a call in to their agent.

I feel so sorry for that actor
byu/CaptainRipp inUnnecessaryQuotes

17. Truth in advertising?

That is unsettling
byu/TikiTakaTimbuktu insuspiciousquotes

16. I gotta tell you, that’s not very inspiring.

Suspicious quotes

15. Does that mean I have to “comply” with demands?

Sir this is the “Police”
byu/mikeissad insuspiciousquotes

14. When you know you’re driving a kidnapper van but don’t make anyone feel better.

I don’t know if I want to visit this so-called “Church” of yours….. D:
byu/chad78 inUnnecessaryQuotes

13. It’s quite a fun game to try.

12. Just the way you want to be remembered forever.

A “loving tribute”
byu/JeremyTheMVP insuspiciousquotes

11. That church is old school.

Suspicious church
byu/BIGJake111 insuspiciousquotes

10. But please, carry your wallet and kid on your person at all times.

Should I doubt the safety of my holidays?
byu/vagabondchinchilla insuspiciousquotes

9. That’s not the way to get people to touch anything.

I’d rather not touch the ‘rock’, thanks
byu/HauntedFurniture insuspiciousquotes

8. Nothing about this okay. At all.

Oh no Timmy….
byu/pancakegalaxy insuspiciousquotes

7. And please, have your Epi-pen ready.

This is what I think of your so-called allergy
byu/horthianflorff insuspiciousquotes

6. Yeah, that’s not at all okay.

You might want to clarify your acronym a bit
byu/buttwarmers inCrappyDesign

5. It’s too small to contain a horse head, I guess.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more intimidated by a piece of mail
by insuspiciousquotes

4. SO reassuring.

byu/outstream inUnnecessaryQuotes

3. Does that mean what I think it does, or…?

Starbucks is offering everything these days
byu/docju insuspiciousquotes

2. This is so ironically funny and awful.

Husband was given this notepad at his new job. Most discouraging use of quotation marks.
byu/missliza infunny

1. None of that is happening, including your re-election, I’m afraid.

Receiving unsolicited mail from sarcastic politicians
byu/kcripe inmildlyinfuriating

I know I’m guilty of this once in a while, but by far the best ones are the on-purpose “mistakes!” Ha!

Which post is your favorite? How do you like to deploy your air quotes?

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