It really is true that every single person is different, and that can become super clear when two folks are presented with the exact same situation.

One person might freak out, the other might be calm.

One person might laugh, the other might scream.

You just never know – but we are for sure that these 18 people are total and complete opposites.

18. There are romantics and then there are these people.

I’m these people.

17. I suppose it all depends on what you’re looking for out of your police.

Also…we can review the police?

Police station’s reviews
byu/Habitual_Emigrant intwokindsofpeople

16. I mean they’re both valid reasons.

As long as you love books.

15. Everyone can use a nice new jumper.

But think bigger man!

I too need a jumper
byu/i-have-symple-needs intwokindsofpeople

14. Breadsticks is the obvious answer.

There’s always gotta be that one overachiever.

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13. The only two valid ways to feel about winter.

And honestly, it can change every day.

Image Credit: Twitter

12. You need friends with that twisted mind.

Things would be pretty boring otherwise.

11. I mean honestly any of these could work.

Just give it a go, but use small rocks just in case.

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10. Some people always gotta be extra.

God love ’em.

9. I don’t even care what the actual answer is anymore.

All of these sound like better movies.

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8. There are suave horses and goofy horses.

There is no in between.

7. Someone has really thought this out.

And someone has not. Ha!

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6. We all have different goals in life, I suppose.

I could see needing how to do both, tbh.

Two types of people in this world…
by infunny

5. None of those things, actually.


4. It’s important to have options when you’re teaching.

Hopefully not children, though.

3. Ladies, please be the second girl.

We all have our own important stuff to do tomorrow.

2. I definitely did not see a heart.

Did you?

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1. All the bisexuals are covered.

That’s the way it should be if you ask me.

I’m sitting here thinking which side I would be on in all of these….or a totally new one?

What sort of reactor are you? Dish in the comments!