So, feeling down? Having one of those days? Well friends… guess what? We’ve brought together all of this cuteness in one place to make you feel all better again.

And I can tell it’s already working. There’s that smile! You know it’s gonna be a great day… because doggos!

Let’s get to it!

1. You dummy dumb dumb

2. So. Frickin. Pure.

3. “Bitch, I know you playing me…”

4. Hang in there beebee!

5. My hooman! My hooman!

6. Works every damn time…

7. I’d buy a car from Pickles!

8. Yeah Jake! Good boye!

9. How did you even figure this out?!?

10. Yeah, pets are dumb y’all.

11. Move. Dem. Hips.

12. I love the name Tofu

13. **sniff***

14. VICIOUS!!!

15. This timing is perfect!

16. A very truthful doggo!

17. So damn chillllllll

18. She’ll be fine…

OMG… I can’t get over how damn cute all of these were! I just want to hug ALL the tweets.

So then… any fave tweets? Let us know in the comments! Because that’s just what we do around here.