Twitter is good for all kinds of things – politics, deep thoughts, silly one-liners, and connections of all kinds. One of the things it does best is brief and poignant humor, though, and who couldn’t use a bit of that in their lives these days?

If you’re looking for a smile or maybe even a laugh, try these 18 tweets on for size.

18. Grandmas make everyone happy.

17. That makes things a bit awkward.

16. This is real talk.

15. Well if this just isn’t the best thing I’ve seen lately.

14. She really needs to talk to him.

13. Why is this so completely trippy?

12. I can’t explain it; it just is.

11. It’s a valid question.

10. This is a totally valid mood.

9. This is going to be all of us.

8. Because nobody does that on purpose.

7. This is just so precious.

6. I can always get with Squidward’s expressions.

5. Never thought I would say yes, but…

4. That is why he’s your man, I presume.

3. I mean, who doesn’t?

2. That’s…an idea.

1. Highly relatable content.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling a little lighter now!

What’s your favorite Twitter account to follow for laughs? Drop the @ in the comments!