According to a poll in 2015, 29% of Americans have tattoos. It’s pretty commonplace these days to see people all around us with visible tats, even big pieces like full sleeves.

The artistry on display can be pretty amazing, but not all tattoos are for the public to enjoy – many private people prefer to keep their ink to themselves.

So if you’ve ever been interested in see what’s lying underneath, this is the post for you. Because we’re going to take a look at 19 perfectly hidden tattoos that you might want to try on for yourself sometime.

19. Heard of Project Semicolon? It’s a suicide awareness organization. The tattoo represents a pause to a sentence, but not the end. This is a powerful statement for many who have faced thoughts of suicide before. Learn more about the organization here.

Photo Credit: instagram/emm_godin

18. Inner lip tattoo? Or Wakandan tattoo? Hmmmm…

Photo Credit: instagram/jktat2

17. Armpit area code, so you’ll never forget where you’re from!

16. Mandalas are so hip these days… especially on yours!

15. PAC-MAN and pizza on your posterior? Perfect!

14. A perfectly placed pendant on your breastbone!

13. Love your life with this skull and hearts at the base of your own skull!

12. Paw on the toe because you love your fur baby!

11. The very popular inner-finger mustache!

10. Flock of birds for your upper back!

9. Interactive stick figure tattoos!

8. Cosmic orbs in the mid back will keep your love for the stars safe and sound!

7. A trio of celestial bodies are A-OK with us!

6. Always have France on your mind with this Eiffel Tower in the ear!

5. Never grow up – get this Peter Pan shadow on your heel!

Photo Credit: cocollins1994

4. A beautiful bouquet below the collar!

Photo Credit: instagram/kikinoland

3. Always have a floral secret whispering in your ear!

Photo Credit: instagram/kikinoland

2. Make waves! Rock the boat with this tasteful, tiny tat!

Photo Credit: POPSUGAR

1. An Inguz! It’s a rune symbol that represents new beginnings!

Photo Credit: Gothic Life

Alright, which one are you getting?

Inner lip tattoos for everyone?

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