We were never meant to see how ANY of this works, but apparently we’re going to right now.

So strap in and prepare to never unsee what is about to unfold.

Lucky you!

1. Start you off slow with the inside of a gas pump

Photo Credit: imgur

2. When all that ivy peels away from a wall… this is what’s underneath!

Photo Credit: reddit

3. Pool table guts!

Photo Credit: reddit

4. A monster? Nope. Just the inside of a leatherback sea turtle’s mouth. ?

Photo Credit: Twitter/Rainmaker1973

5. Redbox innards

Photo Credit: reddit

6. Yeah. We didn’t know either.

Photo Credit: AstrologyMemes.com

7. All the blood drained from a human heart.

8. Inside a PRO bowling ball there’s a lot more going on than you’d think

Photo Credit: reddit

20. When the gas is on, but no covers are on the stovetop.

Photo Credit: reddit

10. My entire life has been a lie.

Photo Credit: Twitter/zwanheda

11. Fish eggs? Nope, unstirred paint.

Photo Credit: reddit

12. That’s all it is?!?!

Photo Credit: Imgur

13. No stalls in the bathroom… yet.

Photo Credit: reddit

14. So many much golf balls!

Photo Credit: reddit

15. Under the tiger fur…

Photo Credit: Honesttopaws.com

16. Owl be seeing you out now…

Photo Credit: Reddit

17. Inside a magic 8 ball

Photo Credit: Magic8Ball.org

18. And yeah, that’s the die. It’s TOO DAMN WHITE!

Photo Credit: Magic8Ball.org

19. Underneath the fire hydrants, the pipes run deep…

Photo Credit: reddit

That owl won’t haunt my dreams or anything.

Nope, not at all…