Red flags. They’re everywhere. Warning us that the person we’re getting involved with is bad news, no good, turn around, 0/10 do not attempt.

And yet, we so often ignore them, like these Twitter users did, much to their detriment.

Let’s take a look!

19. Rap it up

I had a somewhat similar experience with a drunk friend I was driving home once, but the one getting burned was me.

18. Power trip

And *that* alone should disqualify you from any governmental position ever for the rest of your life.

17. A single chocolate

This has got some serious Bates Motel energy.

16. The sickness

That’s awful, I hope he got the help he needed.

15. Number one problem

Once I can understand as an embarrassing but forgivable incident – but REGULARLY?

14. Scoot on out

Wait, that’s a thing?

13. Egg me on


12. Help yourself

Imagine being so selfish you won’t give your partner water.

11. Bless up

Oh, no.

10. Serious inquiries only

Is that your final answer?

9. That’s permanent

“Hey cool but this is like our second date.”

8. Bad nuggs

What kind of sociopath…

7. That’s a big ego

Was he compensating for something?

6. Not guilty

Was she perchance a juror?

5. Bless up

Which I’m sure she repeatedly insisted was no such thing.

4. Sing me a song

You would lose me at “watched Glee.”

3. Happily ever after?

“Hey, you wanna come pay $50 to freeze to death watching something we could see better at home on TV for free?”

2. Opposites attract

What’s to understand? It’s not complicated.

1. Bad taste

Prince wasn’t bad at anything, ya’ll. Anything musical, anyway.

If you see any of this: run.

What red flags have you ignored?

Tell us in the comments.