Whenever someone asks me why I like Tumblr, I always reply that Tumblr is pretty much all the things.

Surf around for a while and you’ll come across basically anything you can imagine (with one notable exception following the site’s change in ownership…RIP Tumblr bo*bies.)

Whatever you’re interested in, whatever you’re musing about, rest assured there’s a whole mess of people on Tumblr ready and willing to muse along with you. And taking these posts in are sure to give you a bigger brain.

19. Double d detachment

Get ready for some very confused looks.


18. Cat lady

Yep that’s it that’s what cat ownership is.


17. A whole new world

Give me some of that sultry sultan.


16. Making the cut

He’s mowing down angels now.


15. On the record

What is happening? Also, why is happening?


14. Evolution

He’s doing his best, you bully.


13. The pirate bay

I fought the law, and I kicked its ass.


12. Smooth operator

Love letters don’t need to be long.


11. Heat advisory

That’s gonna be a big nope from me, dawg.


10. Keeping score

Things aren’t looking great for you, bruh.


9. The scariest thing of all

Psh, OK, let’s reign it in a little, dude.


8. They tried to make me go to rehab

And I just said my own name over and over.


7. Classy glassy

Gotta wine and dine myself.


6. He’s making a list

I’d like to just opt out of Santa’s surveillance program altogether, thank you.


5. Oh deer

I’m mostly just gonna hang around, probably.


4. Justice is served

Anything is better than living with this…


3. A page of history

I used to have the biggest crush on Ellen Page and this just makes me love her more.


2. Gotta grab ’em all

Ash, I had no idea you were such a badass.


1. Living on the edge

Cats are mysterious and powerful and frankly beyond our human understanding.


Now that’s the kind of mishmash of nonsense the internet was created for.

Gotta give it up for the brave creators of Tumblr, spilling their thoughts for all to see, and to treasure. You keep doin’ you, Humans of Tumblr.

What kind of content do you go to Tumblr for?

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