I think we can all agree that teachers have a challenging job. They put up with our adorable little angels day in and day out and they definitely don’t get paid enough money for it.

But at least we can all laugh at funny tweets about how much BS they have to go through, right?!?! That’s just like some extra money in their pockets…okay, maybe not but at least they’ll be smiling for a while.

Enjoy all you teachers out there, and keep up the good work.

1. Wild and crazy times!

2. Now you’re in big trouble.


3. Finally, it happened!

4. It never ends.

5. You’re really growing…

6. Either the North Pole or the Sahara.

7. What’s a weekend?

8. Time to hit the gym.

9. They’ve all disappeared.

10. Thanks for letting me know!


11. Yeah, pretty much.

12. This is your life.

13. Non-stop stress.

14. The work is piling up.

15. That’s a tricky one to figure out.


17. It’s gonna be a long week.

18. Why aren’t you married yet?

19. Damn, I blew that one…

Are you a teacher?

Do you have some hilarious jokes/memories/anecdotes you’d like to share with your fellow teachers?

Let’s see them in the comments!