Love is in the air…

The flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and, most importantly, the great posts on Tumblr just never stop coming!

And we firmly believe that you are going to L-O-V-E these Tumblr posts because they are funny, wholesome, and they’re going to put a huge smile on your face.

Does that sound great, or what?

Get started this instant!

1. It’s not a bad thing!

Take a snooze, you deserve it!

2. Funny how that works…

Better go do some stretches.

3. Really feelin’ it.

Go on wit yo bad self!

4. Sure, I know what I’m doing…

Fake it til you make it!

5. It really happened!

Glad they finally pulled it off.

6. Vicious, isn’t he?

Keep your distance!

7. Did he really just do that?

Well, his name is Goofy…

8. Are you down with Plinko Horse?

You should be!

9. Really blowing her mind.

Who am I…?

10. Happy birthday!

Sweet sixteen!

11. Two totally different scenarios.

It could go either way!

12. These kids are geniuses.

The future looks bright, friends.

13. Hahahaa. This is good.

That one hurts…

14. UHF is a classic film!

Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

15. Keep your brain busy!

You wouldn’t want to think, now would you?

16. Not quite the same, is it?

Not even close…sad!

17. Why is this so funny?

It just is!

18. For the LOTR fans out there.

What did you just say?!?!

19. Is that adorable, or what?

I think I have something in my eye…

20. Can you please leave me alone?!?!

I’m talking to myself, thank you very much.

21. We’ve all been there.

Anybody else out there?

Alright, you know the drill, people…

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