Stereotypes can be offensive when they involve things people can’t control, but when they’re describing the type of person who chooses a certain college major, they can also be pretty darn funny.

It’s almost like you could use a sorting hat and throw people into majors based on their personalities or something.

20. I just spit my coffee.

19. It’s all in a concept stage, right now.

18. There’s a lot of competition for top honors in that class.

17. We all do, honey.

16. People have been trying for centuries godspeed.

15. And it had better be a good one, my friend.

14. Thank you, National Treasure, for making history cool again (for a minute).

13. We all really need an A.

12. It should be good but not TOO good.

11. Nah, just an idea about the meaning of life.

10. Who is going to eat all of this?!

9. I can’t talk about it, though.

8. No pressure, though.

7. OUCH!

6. Nailed it.

5. Well that’s hitting a little bit below the belt.

4. Yes, the whole thing.

3. I think I missed my calling.

2. Someone is definitely falling down on the job.

1. Might as well make that money in the process.

Um, film major here, and lol for days.

What was your major? Do these ring true? Either way, you have to admit they’re still funny!