Star Wars has literally spanned my entire lifetime – the first movie came out two years before I was born, and the last (they say) will drop around my 41st birthday.

There’s no way that I know to not be a fan of the franchise at this point. We’ve survived Jar Jar Binks, so the truth is, we’re not going anywhere, right?

And if you’re a fan, too, you’re going to love these 20 funnies.

20. Grammy! Where are my cookies?

byu/MyWholeTeamsDead inStarWars

19. And they say parenting is hard.

18. O really?

We’ll see about that
by inStarWars

17. I’m so glad people have too much time on their hands.

Stranger Wars
byu/Downtown_Emmet_Brown inStarWars

16. Classic.

Official Star Wars Facebook just Han Solo’d Mark Zuckerberg.
byu/brochachomigo_ inStarWars

15. Why can’t I look away?

I hope this is the next standalone Star Wars movie.
byu/DarthNawsty inStarWars

14. I’m going to need the rest of this story immediately.

Lightsaber night is cancelled, thanks Todd…
byu/sheffieldsounds inStarWars

13. I vote we change it officially.

Saw this online…sets up perfect title for Episode IX
byu/ncruzpr inStarWars

12. Right in the feels.

Found this at my local 5guys
byu/higuerajoey inStarWars

11. Just a small little plothole, there.

He wanted you to have it when you were old enough.
byu/Backpacks_Got_Jets inStarWars

10. You can always count on Hamill for the perfect comeback.

9. What better use of your talents?

It’s Working!
by inStarWars

8. They can’t all be geniuses.

God Damn it Luke.
byu/DadFighter inStarWars

7. That plate, though.

I could get used to this
byu/GallowBoob inStarWars

6. I never would have caught that on my own.

I found an easter egg on my The Force Awakens Blu-Ray
byu/billdowis inStarWars

5. And they keep getting worse.

Tried my hand at a little K-2SO New Year’s Eve spirit
byu/thegrimbanana inStarWars

4. The perfect way to NOT attend that costume party.

Thoughts on my Obi-Wan Kenobi Cosplay?
byu/dr_henry_jones inStarWars

3. Someone is not passing that class.

Another Star Wars themed snapchat for y’all.
byu/altoidsjedi inStarWars

2. Yeah, there’s just no way to come back from that one, bud.

Facebook savagery
byu/jwats13 inStarWars

1. It must be fate.

I got seat BB 8. Is this a sign?
byu/googoogjew inStarWars

I’m more ready than ever for the Rise of Skywalker!

How about you? Do you have your tickets yet?

Let us know in the comments!