If s*xual experiences were like trading cards, what would be your rarest card?

That was the intriguing question posed to AskReddit users, and I have to tell you, I’m pretty excited to see what people had to say!

Are you ready to take an interesting trip? Let’s get to the nitty-gritty from AskReddit users.

Just a warning: these responses are probably NSFW.

1. Gettin’ wild!

“The 5-some. Me and my best friend [A & M; males] and 3 girls [S & K & T]. One girl was his girlfriend [S], one turned into my girlfriend many months later [K], and the 3rd was a mutual friend of ours [T].

We had a s*x-centipede going at one point; A > S > K > T > M. It was pretty mind blowing, among other things. I found out afterwards that my best friend was extremely turned on wathcing his GF do things with other people. Crazy times.”

2. Sounds like a movie.

“This just happened a month ago and I’m still in the afterglow.

Threesome. Met a girl via Tinder, she brought her friend along for safety. All three of us got into the tequila, girl decides that she feels safe and her friend agrees to drive us back to mine.

So girl and I are in the back making out and driving friend reaches back with her free hand and grabs my junk.

Player Three has entered the game.”

3. Pretty epic.

“S*x underneath the Hollywood sign…..

AFTER they put the fence up.”

4. Try to explain this one…

“Passing a state trooper while in a very compromising situation.

Then the lights…”

5. What happened last night?

“Came back from a night of heavy drinking with the gf, and apparently got busy. I don’t remember the act.

I just woke up to see 3 used condoms, and all the make up she had been wearing was pressed into the wall.”

6. Like a horror movie.

“Got a blow job in the middle of a field, turns out I was sitting on an ant hill, I started to get bitten so I jumped up which surprised the girl who bit my d%ck and made it bled. She had braces -__- “

7. Definitely dangerous.

“Driving down the highway in my old Chevy S10 with a 5spd Manuel and bench seat. Gf at the time was wearing a skirt and horny as f*ck. She gets on top and goes to town while I’m driving.

Semi truck honked as we drove past cause she waved at him.”

8. On the job.

“Doing it at work, in a strip bar with my own husband posing as a customer, trying to not get caught doing it during a lap dance.

Expected to get fired.”

9. Not proud of it.

“I’m not proud, but it was probably meeting a girl on tinder who ended up having an ankle bracelet who snorted a line in my front seat before we moved to the back seat.

I also, unfortunately, had to drive her to get the line about 15 miles away.

I was a somewhat extreme version of young, dumb, and full of cum.”

10. Getting very busy.

“Had s^x with a 21-year-old and a 40-year-old woman less than 24 hours apart.”

11. You’re going to hell.

“F**king under a church.

For those wondering. It was drainage tunnel for flash floods built under a Spanish mission dating to the late 1600s.”

12. That’s a long drive.

“Got a bj in the college yearbook office, overlooking the campus.

Also booty called a girl who drove over 100 miles to come hook up. She drove home the same night.”

13. Okay, that’s weird.

“A young woman once asked me to draw pictures on her naked back with permanent marker. I’ve never been much of an artist, but I gave it a try nonetheless… and about halfway through my first attempt, the girl started moaning and writhing beneath me in a way that seemed really, really exaggerated.

Although I did my best to focus on my task, the motions of my partner made it rather difficult.

“Do you want me to keep doing this?” I asked her.

“Yes! Yes!” came the young woman’s reply. “Yes, don’t stop! Draw all over me!”

Again, the whole thing seemed more like a performance than it did an actual response to pleasure, and I started to get suspicious that I was being made the b*tt of some bizarre joke. Every line that I drew sent the girl into paroxysms of affected delight, until she finally moaned for me to put away the marker and get out my “paint-sprayer.”

The rest of the evening eventually went on about as you’d expect from such encounters, despite a tiny voice in the back of my head asking what I’d missed about the whole situation.

I finally got my answer when the girl asked to take a shower with me.

It turned out that what she’d really wanted was for me to scrub her skin until it was practically raw. (Suffice it to say that she hadn’t needed to put on an act that time.) We wound up having an informative discussion after I’d washed the remnants of my drawing off her, and it came to light that she’d always liked the feeling of being roughly bathed.

When I asked why she hadn’t simply requested that in the first place, she sheepishly admitted that having a fetish for emulating a easel seemed less bizarre to her.

To each their own, I guess.”

14. A happy ending.

“Back when Craigslist still had casual encounters, I met a woman who was sleeping around to get revenge on her abusive ex. I got a hotel room and we got busy.

Was wanting to see a movie afterwards, so i asked her if she wanted to tag along. We went and got dinner afterwards. We’ve been together 2 years now 🙂 “

15. A family affair.

“S*x with a mother and her daughter. (Not at the same time.)

I was dating this girl in college, and her mom developed this major crush on me. After she (the daughter) and I broke up, her mom came to my apartment to collect some of her daughter’s stuff. We had a one-time fling, and I never talked to either of them again.

It was kind of dull, really. She knocked at the door, came inside, then made this “joke” that she was worried about catching me in my underwear. I joked back about how she could always leave and come back, and she said something like “I might just do that.”

I told her if she was serious, I could just get undressed right there. She waited for a couple seconds (which made me think I’d gone too far), then said it would be more fun if she could help me get undressed.

So, yeah. We undressed each other, there was some mutual touching and foreplay, then we had s*x. It was actually kind of hard to concentrate sometimes, because she kept squeezing my ass REALLY hard, but we actually got pretty close to having a simultaneous orgasm.

I think we both felt a little awkward afterward, because we didn’t even really talk. We just got dressed, she got the box of her daughter’s stuff, and she left. I think the last thing she said to me was “Let’s keep this between us.”

Also, the mom was better. The daughter was always a little bit mechanical, if that makes sense. It was like she knew how she was supposed to move, but wasn’t really doing it for any other reason. The mom was a little too wild for me, but everything she did felt like it was supposed to make one of us feel good.”

16. Kinky.

“Snuck in the chancellor’s ballroom at my university. Closed the curtains and went at it. I remember looking up from her for a brief moment and locking eyes with an oil painting of the Chancellor and his wife.”

17. Oh no!

“”Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double” – Sleep with two women in the same 24 hours and get pregnant scares from both.”

18. That is very classy.

“Blowjob from a girl who had just fallen on her face and broken 3 of her front teeth.

At least I wasn’t afraid of getting bitten.”

19. How can I help?

“I was part of a foursome and came so many times I was weak-kneed for hours. I got very oversensitive towards the end and sat back to just watch.

Two out of the four of us hadn’t come yet, so after I tapped out, I became what I called the s^x Referee. Need a condom? I got you. Where’s the lube? I found it. All done? I brought water for everyone.

It was awesome.”

20. This is a nice story.

“A few years ago, I dated a girl who was paralyzed from the waist down. She never had s^x after her accident because she thought she wouldn’t be able to feel anything down there.

It turns out she just couldn’t feel as far as her fingers could reach. After experimenting for a bit, we were able to have good ol’ fashioned vaginal s*x.

She spent a long time believing she’d never enjoy s^x after her accident, so being able to help her experience that part of her life again is what I’m the most proud of. In my eyes, it’s a Limited Edition.”

Very interesting!

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