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It’s a well-worn joke that men start to wear certain clothes, behave certain ways, and tell horrible jokes the moment they trade in their regular guy status for a dad card.

BUT… the tweets below illustrate easily how true the jokes really are – even if men don’t even realize how and when and why it starts to happen.

20. Because kids are exhausting, obvs.

19. Their backs hurt.

18. They don’t really know what year it is.

17. They have so little joy in life.

16. Safety first!

15. Seriously why do they love noise?

14. It’s very serious business.

13. Their diets are cr*p.

12. Ask George Costanza.

11. To irritate others, I’m pretty sure.

10. To make sure they did not, in fact, melt in their hand?

9. That’s what they need, I guess.

8. No music when it’s time to get down to business.

7. I have no idea but they totally do.

6. What even is real money?

5. They know a shortcut.

4. Because meat.

3. Because they paid for it, most likely.

2. To aid in digestion.

1. I mean that’s your opinion.

We may not know why this happens to men, but it sure is funny!