Friends always want the best for each other, so when we find a good television show, read a great book, discover a product that makes our lives easier, or anything cool, really, we want to share!

Sometimes those things tend to be more niche than we realized, and our friends are kind of meh, but other times it’s true that we’ve found something amazing that everyone needs and loves!

These 20 people are sharing instances that were totally the latter, so chances are, you’re going to need and love it, too.

20. I hope you told her thank you.

Settlers of Catan!

My sister is notorious for buying people gifts they won’t like, just to try and impose her own interests on other people. This time it actually worked.

My husband and I have been playing a lot during the lockdown.

19. If you’re not afraid of heights…

Rock climbing.

It’s become my favorite form of exercise, not to mention how fun it is.

18. The most wholesome s*x toy story.

A friend of mine accidentally introduced me to the Hitachi Magic Wand when I was helping her move and it dropped out of one of the boxes. She was entirely nonplussed. I think she laughed and said, ‘My baby!’

I was somewhat of a prude at the time and was suitably scandalized at her being so open about having s^x toys — especially the kind that you had to actually plug in like a f*ckin’ kitchen appliance.

Yeah, that lasted all of thirty seconds after I bought one for myself on her later recommendation. Hoo boy.

17. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.

He introduced me to his closest friends – all really great people.

Now we all have good times together and share so many things of mutual interest. It’s really opened up my world in a way I hadn’t previously thought possible.

16. Anyone who gets you into play a musical instrument is a good friend.

The best thing I got out of my business & economics degree was when my friend gave me a John Mayer CD (back in 2002).

Literally THE reason I started playing guitar.

Now it’s my career!

15. This is definitely a perk of having interesting friends.

New music.

Its always hard for me to figure out what i like and they helped give me so much from the experiences i got out of it.

14. Awwww so sweet, right?

My wife.

37 years ago.

13. Someone always has to urge you to try sushi, but sooo good.

I feel like everything I like was introduced.

I’m sh^t at discovering things on my own.

But I’ll say sushi.

12. When they make you a better person.

I started living with my best friend cause we went to same city for college. She introduced my stubborn mind to accepting things I don’t necessarily agree with.

She teached me silently how to be a better listener, how to judge less. She taught me to enjoy silence and how meaningful silence can be- only two people who are completely comfortable with each other can stand in silence and not be annoyed or uncomfortable. In return I taught her to stood up for what she believes, to be a better speaker. I showed her how fun the noise can be. I introduced her to my friends, cause she had just one beside me. A good friendship between two people who are complete opposites in everything they are and do, can change both of your lives for better.

11. I’m still waiting for someone to introduce me to this.

D&D. I would have never played otherwise and it’s so much fun!

10. It could go either way, depending on the day.


On second thought, I’m not so sure I’m happy about it.

9. It’s the best when you finally give in and feel all sheepish.

Although I’d been a life long Stephen King fan, I had always avoided the Dark Tower series.

A friend kept pushing me on them, insisting I would love them. Stephen King cowboys? No thanks. Finally he bought me the first four in a paperback gift set. Series is now one of my favorite reads of all time. I can’t thank him enough for insisting. Ka at work.

8. A good game is the gift that keeps on giving.

stardew valley.

it changed my perspective on a lot of things surprisingly, like turning children into doves. it can be productive

7. You’re never too old to have fun.


I was mid twenties and they spent years trying to get me to play but I thought it was a kids game. I finally played one day and loved it so much that I spent the next four years way more into it than they ever were.

6. Too many people turn their noses up at this.

Board games!

Too bad after I’m married and got my son we never hang anymore.

I kinda miss spending a whole day playing boardgames with my friends.

5. Good sleep is essential to health.


Seriously. I stayed up all night, had sh^tty sleep hygiene and poor mental health. We lived together for 6 months and she helped me get on a sleep routine. Changed my life.

4. Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday in style.

Nice birthday gifts.

Before I met them I’d never really gotten much birthday gifts( I’ve already always been the kinda person that always gets close people birthday gifts) but my friends bought me a teddy bear for my birthday and came to my home to hide it in my cupboard after I left for school. Then later when they saw me at school all 4 of them gave me stuff like earrings / rings/ chokers and all that. Explosion boxes too—with my pictures, their writings, our pictures together.

Best friends I could ever ask for. I’m blessed.

3. That’s one small way to change a life.

The fact that you can cook your eggs in your noodles while you’re boiling them.

2. This is an eye-opening moment for everyone.

Buying better clothes.

I used to buy everything at Goodwill even though I saved up enough money to spend it. Nothing matched and it didn’t fit properly. Eventually my friend took me out, told me to take some pride in my looks, and bought me new clothes. Looking back, I looked like the definition of a poor virgin. Thanks Adam.

1. That’s a very good friend.

My friend introduced me to the definition of narcissistic personality disorder.

I was going through a lot with my family and constantly being gaslighted. She sent me articles all about it and I never felt more relieved to know I wasn’t insane and I was actually being severley manipulated.

Wow, I wish some of these people were my friends!

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