Stranger Things is back, y’all!

The first seven episodes of the fourth season dropped in May and the next two episodes will be streaming on Netflix on July 1 and it seems like everyone in America is super psyched about it!

And I bet you’re one of them, aren’t you…? Don’t lie to us! Of course, you are!

Enjoy these 20 Tumblr posts about the fan-favorite show. It’s time to celebrate!

1. Funniest line of Season 4?

What do you think…?

2. Check out this foursome!

Which one is your favorite?

3. Major eye-rolls.

Give me a break!

4. The Byers-Hopper Family.

Lots of good scenes here.

5. Is Robin Buckley great, or what?

You know you love her!

6. Will and Jonathan.

Hug it out, brothers.

7. Can we start trusting Joyce, please?

It’s about time…

8. She doesn’t have a strong grasp of social cues.

Ain’t that the truth?!?!

9. Tammy Thompson sounds like a Muppet.

Poor thing…

10. What was Will painting…?

Here’s your answer!

11. You’re not lying.

Two peas in a pod.

12. An emotional scene.

And how about that song?!?!

13. The Sinclairs are MVPs.

That was a buzzer beater!

14. These two…

Aren’t they adorable?

15. What do you think about this…?

Could get interesting.

16. He needs to tame that jungle.

But the ladies dig it.

17. Do you want to join The Hellfire Club?

I think I know the answer to that…

18. They need to combine forces.

What a dynamic duo they are!

19. Mike and Will!

Here we go…

20. Don’t you just love Joyce and Hopper?

They are wonderful!

Are you a Stranger Things fan?

What other current shows do you enjoy?

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