This isn’t about politics. This isn’t a debate. This is about human rights.

If you take away a woman’s right to govern her own healthcare, you take away her ability to make decisions for her life.

These 20 women get it, and they’re tweeting about it unapologetically.

1. Yeah… WTF America?!

2. So infuriating…

3. The questions we never ask…

4. I can’t even begin to imagine…

5. Absolutely heartbreaking

6. Not a bad idea…

7. Stop making sense!

8. Again, I can’t even imagine what this would feel like. So tragic.

9. Oh, you know somebody. For sure.

10. Speak up people!

11. #truth

12. The hypocrisy never stops…

13. YES!

14. Ya know… that could work…

15. Pathetic

16. This!

17. Walking back…

18. They know. They just don’t care.

19. Insanity

20. Yep.

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