Obviously nobody gets all the way through this life without hitting some mental peaks and valleys, but doesn’t it sure seem like there are some folks out there who just kind of skate through happy and healthy while the rest of us are doomed to fight our own brains for an ounce of control?

Or is that just me?

It’s definitely not just me. All the proof I need is in the fact that these memes exist. These terrible, wonderful memes for perpetually anxious people.

21. Stack it up

I was gonna say something about the memory loss bit but I forgot.

20. Absolutely fearless

Please don’t make me do stuff.

19. Not all it’s cracked up to be

I missed the sight gag in the second panel at first – brilliant.

18. Find out

Oh yeah, we’re gonna be going hard and intense all night long.

17. Mixed signals

Can ya’ll just show yourselves out and let me sleep a little maybe?

16. It me

The internet has a lot of nerve being this insightful.

15. The waiting

If you have to say something like this, add a qualifier.
A simple “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad” can add years to our lives.

14. Good point

This is the lost art of argumentation right here.

13. It’s happening

Just let it happen.

12. Just in theory

When your simulation machine is going haywire.

11. What a post

That’s it, game is over, you win.

10. Anxiety prime

I’m in the prime of my life, thank you.

9. I’m a creep

You have no power here and you shall not pass.

8. Panik, panik, red alert

There’s something here from somewhere else.

7. I’m a reject

We handle it with grace, and screaming. Lots and lots of internal screaming.

6. Cry me a river

That’s the entire moral of the story, I think.

5. What is your malfunction

Oh man. It’s funny because it’s absolutely horrifying.

4. Night out

It’s important to make time for the big things.

3. Sprinkle for effect

I’m nothing if not theatrical.

2. What a deal!

I can get you a way better price than that.

1. The motto

My “live, laugh, love.”

I don’t know if I feel better or worse now. Maybe both?

How anxious are you today?

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