It’s no secret to those of us who live with our significant others that there are some things you just can’t know until you’re sharing the same space day in and day out. Most of the things we learn are interesting, and tell us more about the person we love.

Some of the things start out as adorable but quickly become annoying, and other things…we’re not quite sure what to make of those.

These 22 couples got to know each other fast when they found themselves locked down together, and personally, I would like an update on whether or not things ended up working out.

21. Toilet time is family time.

This where the important conversations happen.

20. Fine, I’ll try it. Just shut up.

There are new and interesting ways to entertain ourselves.

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19. How else do houses get cleaned?

We all have to have ways to take out our anger these days.

18. Friday nights.

Some of us had more fun in quarantine than others.

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17. Seriously those are mine.

We’re all becoming quite territorial.

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16. Your point?

Especially during the past couple years, shaving has become optional.

15. So you’re saying we’re doing this for a few more months?

I love a fun fact, but this woman needs therapy.

14. I mean, they’re crunchy like a chip.

But why not just each chips?

13. If only it was so easy to deter children.

Or maybe her husband just sat outside the door and strummed.

12. Why is this so, so accurate.

I’m in my closet right now, but still.

11. She has had it with your “jokes,” sir.

Unless it was nice outside, then she’s crazy. I would have just gone for a wander.

10. His hairdresser must work magic.

Maybe you should name the baby after her.

9. I think that was an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Here’s hoping you don’t die at the end.

8. I’d say you’re only about halfway through your punishment.

If you count silence as a punishment which I definitely would not.

7. Some beans are just beans, and some are special.

I’m just loopy enough to find deeper meaning in that statement.

6. That’s not a surprise, but whatever.

It’s better than saying “I don’t care” and then turning up your nose.

5. I wonder what his hair looks like now yeesh.

Also, this meme just made me giggle.

4. When you make yourself cringe.

But still, you just can’t stop.

3. As long as he got some alcohol, too, I wouldn’t complain.

Although some bacon would be nice.

2. Life is give and take my friend.

So take the remote and put on Little Women post haste.

1. Variety is the spice of life.

So is having someone to complain to who isn’t the person you’re complaining about.

Relationships are wild, don’t you think? Like, you pick a human being and decide you’re going to enjoy their company for the rest of your life.


What’s the strangest thing you learned about your partner over the past couple of years? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!