Is there anything better than a collection of hilarious, random Tumblr posts that are sure to make us all laugh?

The answer, of course, is no. The wonderful weirdos over on Tumblr spend far too much time thinking about how strange life is and creating the posts that none of us would have thought of.

So here’s to you, all of you wonderfully strange internet writers! You’re magical, egalitarian and, above all else… completely random.

1. Witchy woman

The power of goth compels thee.

2. It follows

This reads an awful lot like a spooky clown killer trying to play off the time they got caught.

3. Definitive answers

We need to have some words about this.

4. Dunces and dragons

If only table top gaming was really as badass as my fundamentalist upbringing led me to believe.

5. Dirty jobs

My guess is “boy oh boy there are some good paychecks.”

6. Jokes of the undad

You get mad, but you will 100% say this to someone else some day.

7. Greek life

This story didn’t get passed down for 2,400 years just to get lost with Millennials, calm down.

8. Vaporwave

Sounds cool as heck to me, tbh.

9. Big and round

Throw that ass in a circle.

10. Me want food

This one comes with a lovely audio presentation.

11. Spicy comments

Ok but how do you really feel? Be honest.

12. Gotta kill ’em all

He’d never say a word about it…

13. Bombshell burial

Hey, UK, everything alright over there?

14. Wake up, moon sheeple

I definitely have a firm grasp on correlation vs. causation.

15. Bi-lociraptor

They say their vision is based on cuteness.

16. Pie, pie, pie

I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want it in my head.

17. Linguistic evolution

“B’mood” sounds Shakespearean, honestly.

18. I sure hope it does

There are somewhere around 500 million Tumblr users, btw.

19. Disappoint-mint

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the freezer.

20. Mood swings

My reformation was brief but refreshing.

21. Vaporized

I didn’t realize this is what they meant when they said smoking kills.

If those 22 posts alone aren’t worth the GDP of Grenada then I simply don’t know what is. Thank you Tumblr for your great service to mankind!

What, in your opinion, is peak Tumblr?

Tell us in the comments.