It used to be, before the year 2020, that at least some of us dreamed of being able to stay home most of the time as opposed to being forced out into the world with others.

Now, of course, we realize that we need to be careful what we wish for – because we forgot to dream specifically about being home alone and not with the rest of our family underfoot trying to live their own best lives online.

These 25 people entertained themselves by listening in on their family and then posting the funniest quotes online, and I’ve gotta say, it seems like a pretty good use of the time.

25. She’s just trying to save you the embarrassment.

And also her career.

24. I’m sure you still look beautiful.

Because no one should care what you weigh.

23. Mind your business is the best advice a mother can give, honestly.

Maybe we should do a fire drill at my house.

22. I don’t feel like I need to add anything here.

It’s really funny, though, right?

21. The ratty ones just won’t do for that work call tomorrow.

What would people think?!

20. That’s not something my parents would have ever said when I was in high school.

I was suuuuper popular, y’all.

19. There’s only one way to find out.

But you can always try again tomorrow.

18. Because sometimes it’s just really hard to wait until after bedtime.

And also no one has a bedtime anymore.

17. A lot less “winning money,” though.

And also less fun. Admit it.

16. Username checks out.

But I mean, she’s not wrong.

15. I assume you said thank you.

And then maybe cried yourself to sleep.

14. Hahahaha bless his heart.

It’s so sweet that he thinks he’s going to school.

13. Good, I’ve missed B.C.

Since it’s B.C.E. now, you know (history nerd here).

12. You have to have a certain number of signatures to get out.

And you can’t ask your family, because they definitely want to get rid of you.

11. Nobody wants that to happen.

It’s one of the only perks of this entire thing.

10. The answer to this question is obviously always yes.

It matters not how old you are.

9. Now there’s an idea.

I like the outside the box thinking.

8. Okay fine it’s funny.

And sad and funny idk either.

7. This just makes me sad all the way around.

But I’m still keeping my dog inside for her own good, too.

6. I have no idea what this means.

You gotta keep people on their toes, I guess.

5. It’s the little things that get you going these days.

Like being able to sing this tweet, for instance.

4. We all wish we hadn’t overheard that.

There are only 50 states still, right?

3. Hahahaha what on earth.

I wonder if Mom knows?

2. Yeah, I love my family but I could think of a few.

Idris Elba. Derek Jeter. Zac Efron. Kristen Bell…

1. All the way down.

Because I don’t think we’ve found the bottom yet.

Did you have a good time stuck at home with your family? Or was it maddening?

I’d love to hear more stories about how you entertained yourselves and maybe even what you learned down in the comments!