Everyone loves Jimmy Fallon‘s hashtag challenges, and for good reason – he comes up with super great prompts, and with the possibility of five minutes of fame on the table should your answer be chosen, really clever people are always willing to throw their tweets into the ring.

At the beginning of the 2020 quarantine project people were still looking for ways to laugh at the whole thing, and the process of taking a book title and “quarantining it” was just what the doctor ordered.

Here are 30 people who hit it out of the park.

30. Only 50? Seems like more.

It’s just as painful as those books, too.

29. It’s a whole lot nicer than my place, I can tell you that.

My place is being constantly trashed by two kids and a puppy.

28. This is the story of all of us.

Who knew you could spend so much money on groceries?

27. I feel this to the depths of my soul.

Especially her hair and makeup “choices.”

26. This sounds like something sort of dirty.

But hopefully not covered in germs.

25. We’re getting to the point of less love and more eating.

The praying is definitely increasing, though.

24. I refuse to feel guilty.

They’re alive, aren’t they? What more do you want?

23. It’s currently tolling for all of us.

Who ever heard of Zoom before all of this happened?

22. Some people just have to go above and beyond.

I mean. I appreciate it, though.

21. They are clearly gifts from god, however.

But sure I am the devil that’s fine.

20. This was a hit even before our current predicament.

A bestseller, even.

19. Well that’s just depressing.

Too soon, man.

18. I should never like to meet you again, actually.

In all of my days I shall never forgive you.

17. It’s not all bad.

Midday naps are definitely going to be missed.

16. They get about as much respect as the Order of the Phoenix, too.

Harry Potter peeps, you feel me.

15. It’s terribly funny.

I wish more people would share their mishaps.

14. And what an adventure it has been.

No knife fights on a bus or mini-Thor, but you know. An adventure.

13. Windex doesn’t kill germs but I appreciate the effort.

You can’t miss out on a good pun.

12. I couldn’t help myself!

It was just so well-crafted.

11. I waved bye-bye to those awhile ago, but yeah.

RIP gym membership.

10. He didn’t have to change a single word.

Kind of seems like cheating, kind of seems smart.

9. These almost write themselves.

I hope this one is better than the original.

8. I don’t know why, but this one is my favorite.

It just makes me laugh, okay?

7. Why didn’t I think of this?!

It was right there!

6. I could cast these roles in my house.

A couple of times, depending on the day.

5. A whole network season!

When are those things going to take a hint and get shorter, anyway?

4. Did it ever really go away?

I am the PROUD Lord of the Wings!

3. So simple, yet so clever.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

2. We could write this anytime, but now…

The togetherness is a lot, y’all.

1. Luckily that went out of style.

We were about to start having to use leaves.

I’m still over here trying to come up with something better but I’ve got nothing.

If you do, lay it on us in the comments – we’re all about the clever answers around here!