Do you ever just get incredibly self-conscious about the little things in life that you’re bad at? Like, unreasonably worried about it? As though when you die, your eulogy will just be someone listing all the stuff you couldn’t do right?

It’s helpful to take a step back and realize that everybody sucks at something, and honestly, it’s fine. Have a laugh at it and move on. Like these folks did when they self-admitted which skills they were “hilariously bad” at.

What are you hilariously bad at?
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There were over 13 thousand comments on Reddit. Since you’ve got stuff to do today, here are just a few, ranging from social skills to just…skills, or a lack thereof. Do any of them ring true for you?

1. It’s hard to keep these things under wraps.

Wrapping gifts. It looks like an angry drunk person’s attempt every time.

– PlatypusSchnitzel

2. I myself was once a 0-point-turner.

If you watched me try to parallel park, you’d be convinced I was f**king with you.

I don’t even come close. And I’m trying really hard.

– mst28

3. Speeling is diffacult.


My goal is to spell a word, not correctly, but correctly enough so that the predictive text can figure it out, and can show me the real spelling of the word.

I often fail even at that though, so my last resort is always Google…

– JuiceBox1

4. Stephen Sondheim is a d**n liar.

Under threat of death I still wouldn’t be able to whistle.

I’ve read the tips, I’ve practiced, I’m still basically just spitting or forcefully breathing through pursed lips with no noise at all.

– Berdiiie

5. This one will get you in trouble.

Remembering dates, even my own birthday.

– D-Rez

6. Know what I mean?

Winking. I CANNOT wink for the life of me.

My friends are constantly harassing me for my inability to wink. It’s awful.

Why can so many people just shut one eye?! It seems so simple, yet I just CANT.

– nev_ertheless

7. We don’t all have rhythm.

Dancing. I genuinely cannot coordinate my body to do it

– odoms365

8. I can feel the panicked-pocket-pat just reading this.

Finding my keys, wallet, and phone right before I have to leave

– foreverlovetheq22

9. Sometimes things don’t go swimmingly.

Swimming. I look like a hopelessly drunk emu flapping about like it’s having a seizure

– E_r-29

10. This is a real neurological phenomenon, you’re not alone.

Distinguishing left and right.

When somebody says to go left or to go right I just get a brainfart.

Friends and family just point out the way now for me.

I wrote L and R on my hands during the lessons for my drivers license.

– Brouldy

11. The ice we skate is gettin’ pretty thin.

Ice skating.

I literally just fall on my **s immediately.

– colder-beef

12. DIY? D-I-why?

Fixing things.

Even with YouTube videos literally stepping me through it, I still manage to f**k things up.

– irishamerican

13. When you’re so bad you invent a new form of spectator sport.

Golfing. I went to the drive range with my dad once, I was so terrible other people stopped playing just to watch me suck.

People who were paying to be there decided I was more entertaining than playing.

– shabutaru118

14. Some human flaws are universal.

I’m really bad at measuring the right amount of pasta. It just doesn’t work.

– EmilyyCo

15. Keep at it – you’ll get it.

Drawing straight lines ~ d**n it

– fugumagoo

16. Say cheese?

Posing for pictures.

When I smile, it looks like there’s a gun being pointed at me behind the camera.

I just don’t understand how photogenic people exist

– CrimsonFox100

17. “I never forget a face.”

Recognize people in different environment.

[…] (I think I’m face blind)

Usually I grow a big beard once a year or so. A couple of years ago my friend had this majestic beard.

I felt that it was awesome so I decided to pump it up by growing for 5-6 months. When I shaved it of I started to laugh because I couldn’t remember how I looked.

– rollzrobbz

18. This is the dating conundrum.


I am so bad at it when I’m trying. I’m such an awkward person.

I’m good at it (as in I don’t realize I’m doing it) when I’m not trying.

– brokendowndryer

19. A guy walks into a joke…

Telling jokes.

I always tell the punch line too soon or b**tardize it in such a way that it’s no longer funny.

The hubs always gives me grief.

– DayDrmBlvr82

20. I’ve literally forgotten my own sister’s name before.

Remembering names. I don’t know why but I can’t remember names.

I’ve forgotten names of people I’ve known for years and talk to them regularly.

– NeverSeenA1Thirteen

21. Empathy vs help.

Comforting or consoling a crying friend…

– Vrinda777

22. This is a very good comment, nice job.

Understanding emotions and knowing how to respond to people when they compliment me

– Reddwarf987

23. It’s hard to put yourself out there.

Making new friends and/or speaking to strangers.

– Ms-Charlie

24. Why are phones even called phones at this point?

Speaking on the phone.

I will stare at my phone waiting for it to go to voicemail or send me a text.

– catasha7

25. How are you daying?

Saying hi, have a good day and how are you doing. Idk why, but It always comes out weird.

– Polaris_Indy500

266. Some of us are just closed off.

Being emotional, even towards my own family.

I can’t even say “I love you” It just makes me cringe.

– Onyzil

27. It’s hard to get good.

Gaming, I have so many friends who want to game with me, and when I say yes they try to be polite but end up laughing at me… :,-)

– SopfieC0ntr0lefreak

28. I run late so often it’s basically a marathon.

Getting somewhere on time. I am working on it though

– shortbrunette1992

29. To tell you the truth…

I am a ridiculously bad liar. Like, I try… but immediately start laughing.

Or I make this weird voice that goes high then low and… yeah. My partner appreciates it.

He already knows I’m proposing on his bday. ?

– weird_honey22

30. Can you see the signs?

Seeing signals from girls who are into me.

My current girlfriend literally asked what was wrong with me and how I was so blind to it.

She showed me bikini pics to show me her tattoos, asked if I thought she was pretty, asked me out for a drink after work and I still didn’t get that she liked me.

I’m a moron

– InSuspencer

How many of those are true for you? I got a score of 13, which isn’t great, but there are also a couple on the list that I used to be quite bad at but I got better with practice. So, yanno, don’t give up!

What was your score?

Tell us in the comments.