Work. We all gotta do it. We all go through it.

Unless you were like, born rich and have just spent your life skiing around or whatever. Must be nice. Can I have some money, please? Cause see I have to keep going to jobs, and it’s like, can I not?

But then I see funny work memes and I’m grateful for employment. For without my employment, I would no the base of knowledge necessary to comprehend, and subsequently enjoy, these delicious and hilarious memes. And that’s not a world I want to live in at all.

32. Spur of the moment

“This will help me do my job better.”

31. True intentions

Both are useful, both are sacred. They might as well just start labeling them this way.

30. Give me a break

Bless me father, for I have sinned.

29. Beddy-bye

Wait for me, my love. I shall return. I’ll come back for you, I swear it.

28. It’s a sign

What did you get caught doing, Dan?

27. Identity crisis

Don’t worry about it, I’m just gonna forget again in five minutes.

26. True colors

They mustn’t know the real me.

25. Boxed in

“Um…the apocalypse?”

24. You big dummy

Talk about padding out your timesheet.

23. Be a hero

They said I had to wear a mask, they didn’t specify what it had to look like.

22. Drink up

The heck kind of job site is this?

21. Set up a feast for one

Oh cool, the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen.

20. Treat it like a gift

Oooo, I wonder what’s inside?

19. Take a break

Look at me, I’m the king of New York!

18. Achieve some work-life balance

You gotta keep yourself entertained one way or another.

17. Get creative with your desk

If you’re already made of money, that is.

16. Get REALLY creative with your desk

This is just the budget version of it.

15. Add turtle power

He’s really helping out.

14. Get someone to sub in

Good ol’ reliable Mike.

13. Keep an eye on your coworkers

Thanks, I hate it.

12. Behold the power of Christmas

I find your lack of wreaths disturbing.

11. Slow down

And hang with a very chill dude.

10. Sparks fly

I can’t even tell what machine exactly this person is using, but I’m quite certain they’re doing it wrong.

9. Cleared for landing

When you give up so hard you have to stop helping planes not crash and just crash yourself.

8. That’s heavy

They were never seen again.

7. Wade on in

Oh cool, a new scenario I’d never before imagined that I can now have nightmares about.

6. Cat got ya

Don’t worry, you’ve got like eight more lives.

5. Kitten

See how they nurture their young? Nature is amazing.

4. The throne

I think you might want to up your office budget just a little bit.

3. Sinking feeling

Yet more nightmare fuel.

2. That’s a wrap

…how did this even happen, Dave?

1. Giving up

I find your lack of work disturbing.

Work might suck, but work memes will reign supreme forever.

What’s the best/worst part of your job?

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