Photography is an art form. But photoshop? That’s a way of life. The following photoshop geniuses saw untapped potential in some pictures that were posted online. So it only makes sense that they would bring their visions to life using photoshop.

Enjoy their masterpieces!

1. This is Azuki, the most popular hedgehog on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Mal3ficent

Photo Credit: Imgur: PennyHop

2. This intern fell asleep at work.

Photo Credit: Imgur: wavesatdogs

Photo Credit: Imgur: wavesatdogs

3. This picture is great enough as is, but it can always be improved.

Photo Credit: Reddit: suri09

Photo Credit: Imgur: artunitinc

4. This cat looked like it was breakdancing, so…

Photo Credit: Imgur: doitforjohnny

Photo Credit: Imgur: twohubs

5. Rushing through a storm with an ice cream cone. The possibilities are endless.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Darkbobman1

6. This one is pretty normal. What could you do with it?

Photo Credit: Reddit: YaBoyLantony

Photo Credit: Imgur: RexLeou

7. This contemplative eagle looks like it could use a friend.

Photo Credit: Reddit: MScr*pienza

Photo Credit: Imgur: drewskey

What are you waiting for? Get photoshopping!